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A man on a mission


Fourth Edition December 2019

A man on an environmental mission, conservationist Dr Hum Gurung has dedicated his professional life to promoting environmental conservation. In so doing, he has become a respected ambassador for conservation between Nepal and Australia, and for Griffith University.

Dr Gurung’s notable professional achievements include working with the government of his native Nepal on the formulation of that country’s Sustainable Development Agenda, and a leading role in a think-tank chaired by the Prime Minister of Nepal and led by the National Planning Commission.

Graduating with a PhD (Conservation, Tourism and Protected Areas) from Griffith University in 2008, Dr Gurung has provided consultancy services to global environmental organisations including the United Nations Development Program and the World Wildlife Fund.

The recipient of Griffith University’s 2019 Outstanding International Alumnus, Dr Gurung fundamentally believes in the power of education, considering it to be the only long-term investment for building the capacities of underprivileged people and inspiring new generations.